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Vacufit – fast & efficient weight loss and cellulite reduction

At the Vacufit Bar we provide our clients with tailored programs in a private environment and one to one training. Using Vacufit technology to accomplish these otherwise unattainable results, clients have the luxury of undertaking moderate level cardiovascular exercise for just 30 minutes three times a week, achieving results up to four times faster
than the gym.

  • Fast & efficient method of exercise for the busy professional
  • Adaptable to all ages and levels of fitness
  • Targets problematic areas normal exercise doesn’t seem to tackle
  • Ideal for slimming for a deadline i.e wedding, holiday or other special occasion
  • Suitable for post pregnancy body repair
  • Tackles cellulite like no other treatment on the market

Vacufit technology

Vacuum therapy is designed specifically for those wishing to reduce cellulite, lose weight and burn excess fat from the waist, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs.
This revolutionary treatment works through the combination of exercise and vacu-pressure. As you exercise at a moderate pace on either the treadmill or crosstrainer, vacuum pressure is applied to the lower half of the body which is sealed into a low-pressure cabin.

This encourages the blood flow to be more efficient in and around the stubborn fat cells enabling your body to specifically target the hard to treat areas women constantly battle with.

Opening offer of £200.00 for 10 – 30 minute sessions

 £250.00 for 10 – 30 minute sessions

£30 for 1 – 30 minute session

Using Vacufit technology for 30 minutes just 3 times a week helps you to drop a dress size in a month or even less.
This efficient technology is up to 4 times faster than training in the gym as it manipulates blood flow into pockets of
stubborn fat.


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